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about Debra Lill
Photographic Illustration

Debra is a free-lance photographic illustrator who specializes in creating images for book jackets throughout the world.
Her unique approach of combining photography with illustration unites the two separate worlds of reality and imagination, much the same way a good story does. Her images are intended to evoke a mood and create a sense of time and place while encouraging the reader to fill in the details with their own minds eye. This style is well suited to the publishing industry where the essence of a novel must be distilled into a single image.

Debra’s process of creating a cover image ranges from photographing the subject to working with stock images. Most often, her covers are composite images that combine her original photos with stock photos. Debra frequently works with stock images, adjusting and manipulating them in a variety of ways to make them more suitable for the story.

She specializes in photo-illustration, composites, retouching, tinting and special effects.
Please browse the website to see examples.  

Debra graduated from Rhode Island School of Design and lives in upstate Connecticut.  

A Partial List of Clients:
    Random House • Alfred A. Knopf • Bantam • Doubleday • Dell • Spiegel & Grau • Vintage Books • Penguin Simon & Schuster • Scribner • Touchstone • Harper Collins • Avon • Hachette • Little Brown & Co. • St. Martin’s Press • Newsweek Redbook • David Bowie  

Partial List of Authors:     John Grisham • James Patterson • Mary Higgins Clark • Sandra Brown • Sara Gruen • David Wroblewski Chris Bohjalian • Jamie Ford • Ian MacEwan • Joan Anderson Marcel Proust • Martin Cruz Smith • Neil Gaiman • Catherine Anderson •  Barbara Delinsky  Linda Fairstein • E.L. Doctorow • Louis L’Amour • James Lee Burke • Carol Higgins Clark • Jane Hamilton • J.A. Jance Susanna Kaysen • Jodi Picoult • Deborah Smith • Jonathon Harr • Gore Vidal • Philip Roth • Jo Graham • Laura Kinsale • Catherine Coulter    

Services Include:

If you can’t find the image you’re looking for, you can get exactly what you need by having it photographed. This may be the whole image or just an element such as a figure or object that can then be added to another image digitally.
Digital Special Effects  
•   Creating a particular mood by adding special effects or changing some detail such as the sky.
•   Changing an image by making it less photographic and more illustrative.          
•   Making a modern images appear more distressed or “vintage”.

Advanced Retouching Services
•   Converting an image to horizontal or vertical by adding image area where none exists.
•   Converting a black and white image to color.
•   Adding figures or elements to make the image suit the story.          
•   Removing unwanted figures or elements from a stock image.          
•   Changing details of clothing, hair color etc.
Private Collection of Stock Images
A wide variety of subjects and over 1000 unique photographic illustration images. The collection includes contemporary images as well as vintage images and shots of models in period clothing.  

Please call for additional information: 860-738-3110